Filét Design was founded under Progressive Design in 2001 by Henning Smogeli, just after graduating from SFGD (School of Graphic Design, now Westerdals). In 2005 Filét was born, and the rest is history. Today we are a hub of creative and new-thinking individuals that loves a good challenge. We have worked with both large, medium and small companies, leaving a trail of satisfied clients behind us. With almost two decades of experience we are in the perfect spot between the knowledge of the old and the curiosity of the young.
What we are? We are a jack of all trades, master of some.


We are agile, creative and curious. And quite frankly really hard working. We are big enough to take on almost what ever you throw at us, and small enough that you feel taken care of. We do not use unnecessary and timeconsuming company setups. We go for the kill – and nails it every time. If not the first time, we do not stop until de delivery is a success. Once aboard with us, we look at you as a co-worker, not as a client. The world is moving fast, and so are we. We know you have no time to loose, so we assure you that we do not stop your progression ones in motion – we only help you accelerate. When we manage to do this, and still deliver cutting edge work that wows you, well there you have our differentiator.


Why Filét we hear you ask? It´s actually quite simple. Imagine sitting at a restaurant and deciding to go for meat. What type of meat do you order? The bony part? The fatty part? No, you want only the best. You want the filet of meat. Quoting from Wikipedia: «Filet mignon, French for “tender fillet”, “delicate fillet”, or fine fillet. The tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef and is also arguably the most desirable and therefore the most expensive.» We are not the most expensive, but we are continuously aiming towards being the most desirable. Filét is here to give you the best service and design there is – because we know that is what you want.
Welcome to the family – you will be properly taken care of!

Do you got an idea
that you want to share?

We LOVE initiative and creative people – please CONTACT us if you think we could do something fun together!

We get by with a little
help with our friends

Everybody need good allies, and we are blessed with many! If you want something outside of our main deliverables we have a large collection of highly skilled collaborators we every now and than invite for a creative party, to help solving your problem. Some examples are copywrighters, journalists, animators, 3d-artists, photographers and video-developers.