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Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

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Project details

The Company

Filét Design was founded under Progressive Design in 2001 by Henning Smogeli, just after graduating from SFGD (School of Graphic Design, now Westerdals). In 2005 Filét was born, and the rest is history. Today we are a hub of creative and new-thinking individuals that loves a good challenge. We have worked with both large, medium and small companies, leaving a trail of satisfied clients behind us. With almost two decades of experience we are in the perfect spot between the knowledge of the old and the curiosity of the young.
What we are? We are a jack of all trades, master of some.

The Solution

When it comes to the logo for your company you have to main groups of businesses: The ones that got a logo mark that are so recognizable that it would be stupidity to make something new, and the ones that changes the appearance every now and than to keep up with the internally and externally evolution. We obviously belong to this second group, as most businesses do! So after using our previous logo for the last five years we felt it was due time to make something new and fresh, that would better represent the place where we are at this moment in time.

The new logo mark is very minimalistic and masculine with references to Japanese characters. We love a logo that at first site doesn´t appear to obvious. This logo is hard to stay indifferent to, you either love it or hate it. Since each letter is placed below each other and then altered, you loose the ability to automatically recognize and understand what the word says. You have to actually start looking closely. And the feeling, just when you decipher it and can read the company name? That: Aaaaaaahhhh! THAT is the reaction we wanted. You can love the logo or hate it, either way you will remember it. Indifference is a much more dangerous enemy than taste.

We extracted the first letter and used this as a symbol mark to be used where the complete logo don´t fit. This makes it scalable to all shapes and sizes. Both the letter F and the line overlining the letter is also used to create several patterns, making a strict and geometrical feeling to the visual identity. Combining this with emotional pictures and hand lettered quotes makes the look and feel of it all both strict and playful at the same time. Just as we try to be, every day.

«We are a jack of all trades, master of some.»

Henning Smogeli | Founder