Larsen 1904 – luxury watches

Larsen 1904 continues to build on the foundation they started on in 1904, and aim to keep delivering expertise, high-end products and excellent customer service. We have delivered their new identity and a variety of communication elements, all sewed together in a brand guideline.

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Project details

The Company

Tiny little gears, springs, and other metal parts assembled together in an intricate and beautiful way. Astronomic watches have since their invention in the 1400’s been admired for their beauty and accuracy.

When a watchmaker company is selling and repairing some of the worlds oldest and most well known brands, it has very strict certification requirements for the shops and workshops. Watchmaker Larsen has since the start-up in 1904 been a loyal supplier of craftsmanship and personal service, and this is why they still have the opportunity to sell well known brands like Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Baume & Marcier and Longines. Larsen 1904’s new visual identity is made to emphasise the position they wish to have in the market, at the same time as providing credibility and security to the customer.

The Solution

Expensive watch brands have an unique radiance. They reek of tradition, quality and a confidence that almost seems like arrogance. What should the profile of a watchmaker company leading these brands look like? We landed on a symbol in a circle, symbolising the shape of the watch itself, time, and eternity. Within the circle there is a sun, a moon, three stars and the ocean. The sun and the moon represent time passing, the non-stop circulation. The three stars represent each of the three stores the company started with in 2018, and the waves represent the tides. The font that was chosen is a hybrid of a classic antiqua and a more modern slab seriff. It’s easy to read and has an exclusive feeling to it. The visual identity itself is heavy with a lot of black, beige and white, which again associates with exclusivity. The shape of the wave has been multiplied and is used as a visual element to create a strong identity over the unique products.

The company’s strong stance on environmental friendliness is shown in the material choice of the printed products, where recyclable products are used as far as possible. This thought process in furthered by how the plain shopping bags are hand stamped in the shop before the product is wrapped, something that also refers to a personal experience, special and thoughtful service as well as real craftsmanship.

«Our workshops is authorized to perform service and repairs on all of our brands, among them Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer and Baume & Mercier.»



«For the last 115 years we have delivered quality craftsmanship, service and positive experiences to our customers, and we aim to continue delivering this for the next 115 years.»


Larsen 1904 – luxury watches