Our process

Our process

As a customer looking to remodeling you business, you are likely to hire who you know, who you trust and who you like. You may not know us, but if you give us a chance to prove what we can do you will definitely trust us afterwords. And what to you know, maybe you´ll actually like us as well…
Our process gives us the best tools to deliver a product that makes your heart beat faster. Here is how we do it:

1. Discover

First things first – before we know what you want we must know who you are, and where you want to go. You are the expert in your field, and the keeper of all the vital information. Our job is to interpret and decipher this information. This analytic fase is very important in building the right base for the work to come.

2. Define

Now we extract the most important information from the Discovery-fase, and start figuring out and defining the solutions to the problems you want to be solved. We start by observing everything from a birds eye view, making sure that every decision we make is the correct one. Using what we have learned about your companies history and future plans we combine them with our knowledge of design and communication, and define the solution to your problem.

3. Develop

Now that we have established the foundation and what direction to take, it is time to start moving towards that goal. We are now in the Develop fase where we use all the big and small pieces of information that we found in the two previous steps to form the right type of vessel for the journey ahead. We develop different ideas, creating moodboards to ensure that we are shoulder to shoulder on witch look and feel to continue exploring. And than we dig deep and plunge in….!

4. Deliver

The Deliver-fase is where all the real magic happens – watching the different elements take form and stepping out into the light. But without the three previous steps we would only be making pretty things. Now we are making pretty things that work. A brand is so much more than your logo, it is everything that the client experience when in contact with you. It IS you. That’s why it is so important to make every detail speak with the same voice. A voice for today and the years to come.