What we do?


A logo is not communication. A logo is identification. So what does actually communicate with the viewer? That is where Brand Strategy enters the arena. Brand Strategy is to decode and understanding WHAT your company is, WHERE you want to go and WHY you want to go there – ending up with finding out HOW this can be done. It is the storytelling, it is the sentence that makes the viewer want to continue reading the rest of your book. Your logo is just the period in the end of that sentence. This is why Brand Strategy is so crucial to get right, giving you the certainty that your company´s appearance is true to its heart and soul.
But your story isn’t going to tell itself. For that you need someone that can analyze your company and interpret what it want to say with objective eyes. Someone that can see the bottle from the outside. And since you are here, reading this – it is evident that you are searching for someone to help you find and reveal your business´ true face. Maybe we are just the right mach to do exactly that. Lets find out! In close collaboration with the decision makers in your company we peele of the layers until we are left with only the gold nuggets. And from there we start the rest of your journey…

& logo

Did you know you only have seven seconds to make a first impression? That means you have absolutely no time to waste. A good logo is a mark that people like. A great logo is a mark that people remember. A great logo needs to do three things: be appropriate to the business you are in, be memorable and be simple. But what makes for a memorable brand? A brand that is just right for your company both now and in years to come? Your logo needs to make a strong identification, and should say as little as possible – the less it says the better. Your logo don´t make it clear what you do. It makes it clear who you are. The logo is there to identify, not communicate. The logos main purpose is to somehow stick in your head, making people remember it. Visual language will change, and fast. Therefore should your logo outlive all the ages. We live by the rule that perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Closing in on two decades of experience leaves you with the certainty that your companies visual future is in the very best hands. Let us help you build a memorable brand that stands the test of time.

Print &

We love print design, it takes us back to our roots. Design is the backbone and soul of our marketing operation – we design everything you could desire like business cards, exhibition graphics, packaging, annual reports and promotional materials. Combining your BRAND STRATEGY with your IDENTITY leaves us with an ideal setup on how to move your company in the right direction. Applying this knowledge into all of your marketing material assures that your customers will look at you as a solid, believable company that cares for every faset of your communication. The devil´s in the details…
Do you already have a logo and visual profile, and need someone to see to that it is implemented correctly in every media? Don´t worry, we got you covered.


What does your business want to achieve with its digital presence? Who will visit your site, what will they find there, and how do you want them to feel? A purpose-built user experience and customized web design tells your story, engages your audience, and brings them back for more.
Your website is often the first experience people have with your brand. Make your first impression count. An up-to-date, well-planned and well-executed website can set you apart from your competition, drive bottom line value and make you the star of the show. We take the best of our branding and graphic design experience and bring it into your digital projects. The result is user friendly, stunning web sites that impress your customers and distresses your competitors. We understand the importance of branding and user experience, so we design each project to look on-brand and engaging.
Whether you’re looking for someone to troubleshoot, redesign or make a completely new website, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re not sure what you need, we can help you with that too!