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Serving you the treasure chest of the sea

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Project details

The Company

In Sunnhordland, where the Hardanger fjord meets the open sea, nature has produced top-quality oysters for generations. As early as the 1600’s the elite people at the Barony of Rosendal were served flat oysters. Today, Sunnhordaland Aquaculture cultivates oysters in the same natural way and serves it at Norway’s finest restaurants.

On behalf of several small-scale producers along the Norwegian coast they also negotiates a wide spectrum of delicacies like sea urchins, scallops and Pacific oysters – depending on what’s in season.

The seafood is cultivated naturally by having the shells and the sea urchins eat plankton and algae from natural, open waters without using artificial additives. This is how they protect nature at the same time as slowly cultivating the good taste.

The Solution

What do you think when you hear the word ‘Aquaculture’? Our thoughts went towards words like ‘ocean’, ‘water’, ‘sediments’, ‘shells’, ‘sand’, and ‘storms’. A wonderful mix of rawness, science, and nature. Next, the challenge was to fit all of these references in the logo.  We approached the challenge by starting with the connections that exist in the different association words: Waves, streams, the structure that occurs in the sand when water washes over, the texture in shell, topographic maps. The result was a symbol we feel captures the essence of Sunnhordaland Aquaculture.

The logo fits perfectly the pictures of seafood and western rawness, at the same time as it has the minimalistic touch that characterizes something of high quality. To create a bit of contrast to the simple shapes we chose an Antiqua-font, using Grotesk for the subtitle. All together it is a logo that fulfils the three most important aspects of a logo: be appropriate to the business you are in, be memorable and be simple.

We also delivered the payoff; «Serving you the delicacies of the sea», which, in combination with the logo, helps telling the story they wish to tell.



«We know our products is of natures highest standard. Our challenge is showing this to potensial customers and suppliers, leaving them with the same perception within seconds. This is not an easy task. Filét solved this beautifully, the logo and profile shows who we are and what our company´s soul is made of.»

TROND SVEEN | Founder and CEO of Sunnhordland Aquaculture


«They made a minimalistic and beautiful web page that we are very proud of.»

TROND SVEEN | Founder and CEO of Sunnhordland Aquaculture

«Filét delivered in time and within budget, with a final product that is far better than we had ever dreamed of. They are highly recommended!»

TROND SVEEN | Founder and CEO of Sunnhordland Aquaculture

Sunnhordland Aquaculture