The Company Filét Design was founded under Progressive Design in 2001 by Henning Smogeli, just after graduating from SFGD (School of Graphic Design, now Westerdals). In 2005 Filét was born, and the rest is history. Today we are a hub of creative and new-thinking individuals that loves a good challenge. We have worked with both […]

Sunnhordland Aquaculture

The Company In Sunnhordland, where the Hardanger fjord meets the open sea, nature has produced top-quality oysters for generations. As early as the 1600’s the elite people at the Barony of Rosendal were served flat oysters. Today, Sunnhordaland Aquaculture cultivates oysters in the same natural way and serves it at Norway’s finest restaurants. On behalf […]


The Company Only a personal project – if you feel inspired reach out and lets chat! The Solution Having some creative fun, this is the outline of a potential future company designing shoes. We own the domain rights for .no, .se and .dk – but for now this is only a sleeping beauty.

Larsen 1904 – luxury watches

The Company Tiny little gears, springs, and other metal parts assembled together in an intricate and beautiful way. Astronomic watches have since their invention in the 1400’s been admired for their beauty and accuracy. When a watchmaker company is selling and repairing some of the worlds oldest and most well known brands, it has very […]

The art of giving

The Company The Art Of Giving was established in 2018 by five industrious and competent ladies, and it is a value based organization. Their ambition is to inspire private persons and companies to actively take social responsibility. They believe strongly that together they can create a better life for people who want a positive change […]