The art of giving

Their ambition is to inspire people and companies to take an active social responsibility.

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Project details

The Company

The Art Of Giving was established in 2018 by five industrious and competent ladies, and it is a value based organization. Their ambition is to inspire private persons and companies to actively take social responsibility. They believe strongly that together they can create a better life for people who want a positive change in their lives by guiding them to help them selves. The organization is based on voluntary work according to Norwegian tradition. The Art Of Giving will arrange an annual fund raising event in order to collect as much money as possible for charity. The event is intended to be an inspiration for people and companies to give generously. Each year a project will be selected to receive the money collected.

The Solution

We also wish to contribute with our knowledge to help other who need to bee seen and believed in. Therefore we have delivered all the visual work to The Art Of Giving Pro Bono. A flamingo was our choice of symbol. The flamingo symbolizes many things, among them balance in life, the importance of being a part of a group, community and cooperation. The flamingo also symbolizes the importance of being open to others and being open-hearted. These are qualities that fits perfectly with this special project. The logo mark it self is made in one long line, twisting and turning into the shape of a flamingo. This symbolizes the walk of life witch starts in one place and takes different turnings along, forming a bigger and more complex picture as life moves on. The short, straight line below is to show that all the playfulness is solidly grounded.
The combination of firmness and playfulness make the logo both complex and minimalistic with a feminine touch to it. The font we have used is a hybrid of a classic Grotesque with a more modern approach, giving the signature a timeless look with hints both backwards and forwards in time. The impression of the visual profile is a bit more pĺayful with strong colors, contrasts and expressive pictures. All together the profile of The Art Of Giving has a sensitive, genuine and professional expression to combine what all the five founders have brought with them.




«Thank you so much for your creative and active contribution on The Art Of Givings visual profile and webpage. All the work you have done is so well thought through, and hits me an everyone that have seen the profile straight in the heart. Once again thank you for your contribution!»

Tone Lise Forbergskog   |   CEO Tone Lise Akademiet

The art of giving